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Packages & Promotions


We believe in the importance of taking care of yourself and relaxing, which is why we regularly offer special offers on our wellness services, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and happiness at an affordable price.

Relaxing mornings

90 minutes for the price of 60 minutes on weekday mornings on the massage of your choice. Take advantage of the offer by selecting the morning special category and booking before noon on a weekday.

The price varies depending on the massage chosen

Phyt's Mornings

$40 savings on Phyt's facial treatments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings by selecting the special morning category.

Deep Tuesdays

Get an additional 30 minutes free with the 60 minutes bookings on Tuesdays between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. by selecting the Tuesday "spécial du mardi soir" category.

90 min


The Couples Massage

On Wednesdays between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m., our duo massages are 25% off!

Wisdom Afternoon

20% savings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between noon and 2 p.m. for people aged 60 and over upon presentation of ID.

Student Thursdays

20% on all treatments Thursday evenings from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. upon presentation of a student card.


Save $10 on your first acupuncture session.


Save $10 on your first prenatal massage session.


Immerse yourself in a unique and invigorating experience with our packages specially designed to offer you a moment of absolute relaxation.


Pamper yourself with this unique body treatment including a complete exfoliation followed by a body wrap of your choice. Hydrate, renew your skin like never before and shine like a diamond!

90 min


Montréal Beauty

Our most popular package. 2h45 of relaxing, hydrating and regenerating treatments. It includes a 60-minute Swedish massage or relaxation massage, a complete organic herb and flower exfoliant and a Phyt's Discovery Facial.




A complete 3h30min experience. This package includes a 60-minute Swedish or relaxing massage followed by a full organic scrub made with herbs and flowers, a Phyt's discovery facial treatment and your choice of organic body wrap.



Dream in Colour

A 2h30min package which includes a 60-minute Swedish or relaxing massage plus a manicure and pedicure using our line of Spa Ritual vegan products.



Magic Cocoon

This 2-hour package is made for moms-to-be. Start with a 60-minute prenatal massage using a special cushion and an organic herbal massage butter, which helps to minimize stretch marks. (We recommend waiting until the 12th week of pregnancy.) This is followed by a safe and natural vegan pedicure.




Choose from our selection of subscriptions and treat yourself to regular relaxation for harmony of body and mind all year round. Enjoy savings of up to 30% by opting for our subscriptions.See the conditions for subscriptions in our Policies page.

The Nomad Habit

Discover the Nomad Habit, our annual subscription dedicated to your well-being. Save 30% on each monthly massage and treat yourself to an exceptional relaxing break. Cultivate your well-being with this soothing ritual all year round.

60 min Swedish or Californian

81.90$ per month

90 min Swedish or Californian

114.80$ per month

60 min holistic

86.10$ per month

90 min holistic

119.70$ per month

60 min strong massages

88.20$ per month

90 min strong massages

123.20$ per month

60 min high standards

94.50$ per month

90 min high standards

133$ per month

Swedish or Californian Massage Packages

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our Swedish or Californian massage packages, designed to soothe your mind and relax your body.

3 x 60 min


3 x 90 min


5 x 60 min


5 x 90 min


10 x 60 min


10 x 90 min


Massages forts

Pour les massages tissus profonds, abyssal et sportifs. Avec une bonne pression, ces massage sont parfaits pour dénouer les tensions musculaires et les fascias profonds. Antistress, intense.

3 x 60 min


3 x 90 min


5 x 60 min


5 x 90 min


10 x 60 min


10 x 90 min


Holistic Massages Package

For holistic massages, such as lomi-lomi, Thai oil or even relexology. Ideal for experimenting with our wide variety of massages.

3 x 60 min


3 x 90 min


5 x 60 min


5 x 90 min


10 x 60 min


10 x 90 min