Holistic care

At Espace Nomad, we believe beauty is holistic—that is, the result of a whole. That’s why we’ve created a line of treatments that are good for your body and soul, allowing you to connect to your inner self, circulate energy and awaken a dynamic healing process.

Organic products

Chemical products are toxic for your health as well as the environment, which is why they have no place in holistic care. We offer your skin only the very best: fresh, quality products that are almost always organic. Our herbalist prepares all our body-care products—from butters to scrubs and even our organic honey wraps.  

Our services

We’re available for any occasion! Visit our spa or invite us to your office or special event.

At the spa

During an event

At the office

Le Nomad Juice Bar

Healthy juice and quick bites prepared using fresh, mainly organic ingredients.
Perfect after a visit to the spa to boost the effects of any treatment—or for an invigorating snack on the go!

Espace Nomad boutique

Bring a little Espace Nomad home with you! Discover our boutique’s magnificent selection of wellbeing products.

*Photo credits : Sophie Luna Rady