It's well known that relaxed employees are more productive and proactive. Our chair massages are an excellent tool for Montreal businesses to improve the quality of life for their employees at work. These corporate massages are designed to keep you in the race and looking out for the health and wellness of your employees.

So, which of your employees will be the first to receive a workplace massage?


The benefits of chair massages in the workplace are numerous. Workplace massages can:

  • calm tension, reduce pain, increase sleep quality, and boost the immune system
  • reduce stress and can lower absenteeism
  • promote a sense of community among employees
  • increase employee productivity and performance
  • prevent and attenuate lesions related to repetitive stress disorder


Corporate Massage Reservations & Procedures

Contact us today to set up a corporate massage session schedule as part of your workplace health and wellness program.

  • Sessions last 15 minutes each.
  • Longer sessions available upon request.

Costs for a workplace massage program can be managed in three different ways:

  • The enterprise can cover 100% of the costs related to corporate massages.
  • Employees can request chair massages in the workplace and be reimbursed by their insurance company. Our massage therapists can provide your employees with receipts for reimbursement.
  • An enterprise and its employees can share the costs. For example, a three-month project could be scheduled whereby the first 15-minute workplace massage session per week would be covered by the employer, and the employee would pay for any additional time.


Choose from our special packages:

  • Total: Package available in minutes (with a minimum of 150 consecutive minutes of chair massage), at a per-minute rate.
  • R&R: 4-hour block—special rate for every block of 4 hours.


* The little extra that makes a big difference: To help personalize your event, we can adapt different elements to fit in with your theme or company (e.g. our clothes or installments). We can deliver something special on demand.


To learn more about chair massages in your Montreal workplace, contact us today!