Our products are organic… naturally!

Discover our exclusive line of Lunaroma organic products. Imported from Vermont and made from superior quality essential oils, these products are renowned for their therapeutic properties that bring about a feeling of balance between body and mind. Pure well-being products.

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Organic Body Scrubs

What’s better than giving your skin a second life? Eliminating impurities, agreeably stimulating the epidermis, reviving the skin, this is what our wide range of organic body scrubs (made exclusively for us in Vermont) offers you. Dead cells will just have to do their best. And we wish them good luck when they face our powerful body scrubs.

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Current organic body scrubs :

Mojito: Mint, lime, sea salts
Chai: Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and organic sugar
Flower Power: Ylang-ylang, lavender, calendula, rose, jasmine and organic sugar
Sapinière: Fir, lavender and sea salts
Asian Bliss: Bamboo, gotu-kola, lemon grass and ginger

We receive new flavours throughout the year. Please contact us.

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Organic Wraps

We’ve got happiness all wrapped up! Espace Nomad’s organic wraps are an irresistible invitation to curl up inside total relaxation. Your skin will emerge incredibly soft and hydrated. So now, if someone asks “What inside the envelope?” you’ll know exactly what to answer.

Coffee: stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, helps detoxify the body
Vermont organic warm honey with jasmine flowers: hydrates and comforts the skin, activates blood circulation
Mojito: tones, hydrates and preserves the epidermis

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" Without a doubt, the warmest, most welcoming and relaxing spa I have been to and ever hope to go to. Highly recommended, you'll never go elswhere after a visit to espace nomad! "