Reiki Healing Massage in Montreal

60 min / 90$ - 90 min / 115$

Reiki massage therapy promotes mental calm, interior ?peace and general well­being by transferring "the universal energy" to your own "vital force."

What is Reiki massage therapy?

Reiki healing is an alternative medicine practice that transfers universal energy through the palms of a Reiki practitioner and to your body to promote healing and balance.

During your Reiki treatment at Espace Nomad Spa in Montreal, you will lie on a massage table, and our Reiki practitioner will place his or her hands on you in various positions. The practitioner will focus on a position for several minutes before moving on to another position. These hand positions will focus on the head, the torso, the knees and feet.

Overall, the Reiki massage therapy experience is designed help your body heal itself, focusing on not only on the physical but also mental, emotional and energy healing as well. It's not uncommon to feel warmth or a tingling in your body during a treatment. After a treatment session at Espace Nomad, you can expect to be in a deep state of relaxation and have a general feeling of well­being and contentedness.

So if you're ready to experience the deep relaxation of a Reiki massage treatment, book a session today!

Massage Reiki

" Without a doubt, the warmest, most welcoming and relaxing spa I have been to and ever hope to go to. Highly recommended, you'll never go elswhere after a visit to espace nomad! "