Couples Massage in Montreal: Massage for Two

60 min / 170$ - 90 min / 220$

Because it does so much good for your body and soul, massage therapy is an experience that deserves to be shared. And you can do just that with our couples massage, where you and your partner will be massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two of our therapists. It's ideal for sharing a unique experience with someone you care for.

Massages for two can be shared by husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, or same-sex partners. Even mothers and daughters and friends can share the duo massage experience at Espace Nomad.

During the experience, feel free to speak with your partner or remain quiet and just enjoy the tranquility of our spa. Either way, our couples massage is a great way to introduce your partner to the world of massage therapy.

You can choose your type of massage, either Swedish or Californian, choose your relaxation partner, and then just let go.

So call us today to schedule a massage for two, and you’ll find out why we offer the best couples massage in Montreal.

Massage For Two

" Without a doubt, the warmest, most welcoming and relaxing spa I have been to and ever hope to go to. Highly recommended, you'll never go elswhere after a visit to espace nomad! "