Inner beauty is a wonderful thing, but what does it mean for outer beauty? We’ve thought of everything when it comes to our new line of holistic esthetic care. Completely free of any toluene and other noxious products, our care is ideal for expectant mothers or for anyone looking for a 100% natural beauty treatment.

We do hands and feet – and much more – to provide you with esthetic care that will make you naturally beautiful.

Balinese manicure

Here is the perfect opportunity to put your fingernails in good hands. Organic, vegan and 100% natural, our manicure is care fit for the greatest Balinese queens. After a voluptuous hand massage, we treat your nails with SpaRitual natural products and polishes of the highest quality: candlenut cream and coffee exfoliant and hand bath. Tasty and tasteful care indeed.

Thai pedicure

We mistreat them, neglect them, even torture them (high heels lovers, you know who you are!). Don’t be callous, now’s the time to treat your feet right – they’re worth it. To start, a long massage that will take you to seventh heaven. We continue our journey with a jasmine and rice cream as well as a Thai exfoliant. And we use SpaRitual natural products and polishes of the highest quality. For care that’s 100% organic and 100% relaxing.

Body Care - Manicure and Pedicure

" Without a doubt, the warmest, most welcoming and relaxing spa I have been to and ever hope to go to. Highly recommended, you'll never go elswhere after a visit to espace nomad! "